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 March 2017

What readers say...

"This book is a must for anyone recently or currently caring or close to a dementia sufferer. It lightens the load...whilst reading the book my frequent guffaws of laughter, both at the text and the cartoons, left my partner in doubt that it was a book about dementia that I was reading"A. W. Roberts  Sept 2016


"Definitely one that will touch many carers of dementia sufferers. Certainly made me smile."Dr C. R. Raby    Sept 2016


"A charming,upbeat and lighthearted look at how a loving mother/daughter relationship weathers the demands of dementia...It was a relief to read that the feelings of frustration and annoyance at your lot in life are normal...The author's humour and sense of the ridiculous hold firm despite all her trials! I wish I had read this when I needed it!" J. Campbell   Sept 2016


"This is a funny,poignant, upbeat look at dementia...it will make everything seem so much better and brighter" Mrs S. Neaves  Sept 2016

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